Someone call the doctor, got a case of love bipolar.

My Christmas trip to Boston made me realize that I was kind of infatuated with a few things:

1. the city (life) and the scenery of it.

2. airplanes and airports. There is something so amazing and crazy about having nothing but air underneath you.

3. food/snacks/beverages, or should I say the variety of it?
I could not get enough of Powerade Zero water and Au Bon Pain.

4. Movies. Yes, I will not exchange a good movie night for anything else. I watched two great ones actually: Valkyrie and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. (Benjamin Button is a must watch and my favourite movie of 2008).

5. Harvard. Need I say more? In my deepest dreams, I am a student there (emphasis on DREAMS).

Overall, my trip was too fun. Check out this scenery from our room:

I met a friend. It was this man sitting in Au Bon Pain with a toy. Confused?


My face like a mannequin.

My first martini. Ever.

I also got these gorgeous flowers yesterday! (No, unfortunately not from a secret admirer).


Lights and music are on my mind.

Remember when I said that the tree still needed some work done? Well it just got an UP-GRADE and is runway ready for sure, courtesy of momma and I.