Moon Girl
She loves writing.

Her other favorite hobbies consist of browsing and, writing books, travelling, being a front row kid, and questioning why the world is the way that it is. Moon Girl prides herself in being a critical thinker.

At TDJ, you will find Moon Girl writing on professional subjects, fashion, health and relationship matters.

Alex packs a huge suitcase of international experience and is  multilingual in English, Russian, as well as German. He has traveled and worked all over the world, including Boston, Munich, London, San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam and Vienna.

Alex says that you probably won't beat him in a latte drinking competition. Yes, he loves coffee. He also loves everything tech and spends most of his free time rolling in the deep world of technology.

At TDJ, you will find Alex writing about technology, updating 'traveler's corner' and bringing humor to this little spot on the web.

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