One fruit that never goes bad

Stop me if you've seen that white, shining fruit before. Yup, chances are you see it several times a day.

Apple. You either love it or hate it. For the most part, that's how it is today. What you can't deny however, is that Apple has become one of the most influential brands of our time, and moreover has developed into something greater than just a brand - it became a culture.

On its successful road Apple manages to fulfill 3 seemingly easy categories : 1) visual 2) simplistic 3) marketable


Take a gander at the above iPhone 4S. First thing (or one of the first things) you notice is how attractive and precise the design of this handset is. This has been the golden spoon for Apple in all of their successful products ever since the iPod Nano. It may seem a little stupid to you but think for a second, how does a tech company win over so many people's minds? It sure as heck is not gonna be listing all of its boring specs to many people who otherwise have no clue what a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU is. Sure, there may be many tech-savvy folks but for the most part what really draws all the attention of all age groups and genders is what's visually cooking. Ranging from all the available products Apple offers today, you will always find a beautiful looking MacBook Air, iPad 2, iMac and so forth. It is the exact implementation of the right classical colors and carefully thought out hardware where you'll find a visual appeal and you'll know exactly what it is: an Apple product.

Simple & Easy:

When did anyone ever think of Apple's software as something on par with rocket science? The answer would be never, of course. You know what they say, simple does it. Simplicity accounts for big success in many aspects, as many people seem to forget that. Just take a look at immensely popular web services like Facebook and Google. While they have many tweaks to them, in the overall picture it is something any person can understand and navigate through with ease. Well, that is just the exact same thing with Apple. Its software is constructed in a way that make things faster, snappier, easier, and quiet frankly requiring little effort of mind. This is a huge bonus if you think about it, as simplicity particularly attracts the non techies who just want a computer or a phone that is very easy to handle. Generally speaking, the one thing everyone loves about Apple products is how snappy and fast everything works. While Apple does include some very respectable specs to run their products this way, from an average consumer's point of view, the software just sings along the hardware giving you here, now, easy, understandable, and fast.


Let's face it, where would Apple be without its tremendous marketing and advertising skills today? Every time you see an ad from Apple it screams of the two things I've talked about thus far: great visual, simple as ABC. Nearly any time Apple advertises a certain product they put in a few clever words, no more. The main object is always at the center of your attention, while the headers serve as a little tease of what's "awaiting for you" if you choose to pluck down your cash for what's being advertised. At times it's not even clever or unique, it's just words put in such a short mannered way and context, that it really gets you almost believing that you can't possibly go wrong when you go with this product. We all know how Apple loves to mix up some pleasant, upbeat music in their commercials where nearly everything is white but the product being presented. I guess one easy way to summarize Apple's advertising policy is to "keep them in focus".

In conclusion, what the aluminum fruit really thrives on is your appetite for "easy does it". While Apple products are by no means meant for dummies or for people that know nothing about technology (in fact far from it), they do manage to be the #1 preference of consumer choice among many average folks.


moon girl said...

very nice, i like!

Alex said...

Thank you :)