The better and underrated perfumes on the market

While I was wandering around the shop with drugs (Drug Mart, what did you think I was talking about?), I was seduced by powders, lipsticks and pretty bottles of perfume and cologne. Perhaps, this is why it goes by the name of Drug Mart. For people who are outside of Canada, this is your pharmacy/snack/beauty superstore.

I came in with no intention to buy anything. I came out with no purchases (surprisingly) but with an idea for this post. I am typically not an avid user of perfume because I can never find one that I can have a long term relationship with. You know, until the contents are empty and we divorce or renew our marriage vows. Well, that is one reason. I also feel like I am depriving myself of fresh air. But anyway, below are some of my finds (collected over several trips to several stores) of the better and underrated perfumes on the market.


"Candy" by Prada is extremely sensuous and makes you hungry: Don't judge the book by its cover with this one. It looks girly and generally lame, but I think that the scent can be both young and grownup. Recently released in the spring of 2011, this one is a real heart breaker. "Candy" is warm, spicy and sweet with caramel, vanilla and Laotian Benzoin (a tree resin that smells like root beer). YUM!

"Nina" by Nina Ricci is a sexy little secret: Nina Ricci might have some of the best fragrances out in the market, but "Nina" is her original and the most tempting. This scent is very feminine with a touch of soft floral notes, yet also very seductive with hints of light woods and citrus. This is the type of scent people wonder about as you walk by them.

"Poppy Flower" by Coach is perfect for drawing compliments at anytime of the day: This one is very light and versatile (good for any occasion and for any time of the day). With grapefruit, lychee, jasmine, rose, apricot, amber and ivy, you can just imagine how good it smells. "Poppy Flower" is chic and playful.


"L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme" by Issey Miyake is SEXY, SEXY, SEXY: Buy it for your blonde boyfriend (or someone with lighter features), and that is all I have to say. "L'Eau" is light and fresh with a herb-infused scent. This cologne still carries the manly smell but it is very zesty. I will never get over this scent.

"Versace Pour Homme" by Versace is strong like Sparta: Buy it for your brunette or blonde boyfriend. This one is not the manliest one of them all, but it is still masculine in its unique aromas of weird stuff like bitter orange leaves,  orange blossom flower, geranium, sage and tonka bean (which smells like vanilla, cinnamon and almond). Despite all the fruit medley, this cologne is very crsip and very strong. Strong like bull!

"John Varvatos Vintage" by John Varvatos is either for Jersey Shore or for the classiest of them all:  Buy it for your brunette boyfriend. Yes, I can't decide on this one. It is either meant for a muscle-bulging, fist-pumping hulk or for a very sophisticated man in a suit. The reason why I say this is because "John Varvatos" smells VERY masculine, yet in a distinctive smooth type of way. Basically, this is a classic for a well groomed man. The type that makes you wish that the elevator would just get stuck. Enjoy notes of  suede, tobacco leaf and oak together with cinnamon and rhubarb. Awesome.