In the streets.

Taken during my trip to London in the summer of 2008.


Matchstick said...

Hi Anna,

I'm from a word of mouth marketing company called Matchstick and I’m currently working on the launch of L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes. I am contacting fashionable and hip female bloggers across Canada, hoping to involve them in this launch. I read through your blog and found that you would be a good fit for this program and was wondering if you might be interested. Send me an email if you are: danah [at] matchstick [dot] ca

Elisabeth H. said...

i haven't checked your blog in a while cuz i've been so facking busy! you alway post the most amazing/random/interesting things :)
anyways, reading week is coming up! i saw we partaaaaay !

Alexandre said...

Awesome pictures ! Did you modify them ?

peacesign.indexdown said...

Thank you :)
I may have only adjusted the contrast but otherwise, no.