How to live, love and work like a superstar Part I

Here are a few starting tips to help you boost your work ethics, re-think your approach to relationships and gain peace in life. This is not research based but they say experience and observation can go a long way.

Save Energy: I'm not talking about Earth Hour. I mean YOUR energy. Whether you are at work or with your partner or looking for a place to rent. I will give you an example: penguins waddle because it is the most efficient way for them to move around with short legs and big feet. Like the penguins utilize their nature to cut their losses, you can utilize your habits to cut your losses in energy. There are smarter ways to doing anything if you know your habits. The first part will be learning a bit about your habits if you haven't paid attention to them already, and the second part will entail figuring out a way through which you can stop obsessing over details and working/loving/living smarter. For example, if you habitually bicker with your husband over the fact that he forgot to lock the door or switch off the lights before bed, you can save some quality sleep by pushing it out of your mind for the night, and then figuring out a creative way to remind him by writing a nice/funny note or a text message in the afternoon (not the morning). Or don't remind him and just check the door yourself next time. Pay less attention to details that are not significant to bettering your life.

Sleep on it: You know how they always tell you to sleep on a decision? Well, I am reinstating that it is one of the best things you can do in a relationship or at work. This relates to my motto: "don't make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions." Before you get tangled up in a project, decide on a salary or decide that you want to take a love break, sleep on it. Another thing you can do is keep a dream journal and write down your question in the journal before bed. In the morning, you will wake up with a clearer head and will be better prepared in your decision. You might even discard that decision altogether. If one night's rest does not help, try two or three nights by asking the same question in your journal.

Discover originality: Not all ways have been exhausted in the world and will likely never be exhausted. But, creativity is currently the selling factor. There is something that you can discover within yourself or in your office or in your bedroom. Spend ten minutes innovating something on a small scale. Plan a brunch every Sunday, throw a pub night with co-workers, organize a game or play with PhotoShop. Working your brain and switching up your routine is essential to good mental health.

Find a coffee shop: We often complain about our daily routine but seem to not do anything about it. If you are tired of working from your school library or are tired of always going home after work, go somewhere else. Find a coffee shop or a different library or a park.

Fall in love with failure: Do you have "detail-oriented" and "perfectionist" written all over you (and likely your resume)? Many of us do, but it is not necessarily working in your favor. Finding an opportunity in life's greatest misfortunes is legitimately a winning moment. So you just got fired and fell into a depression and debt. Maybe this is an opportunity to discover some freelancing opportunities, to network with new people or to spend more time with your friends. On a side note, people pleasers and perfectionists tend to be unhealthy people because they give into social pressures and do things like overeat.

Vent in a journal not on Twitter: You don't need me to tell you that everything you post online is out there for the rest of your life, even with the fancy privacy and security settings you enabled onto your account. Unless your tweet or facebook status is truly funny in its venting abilities, don't spill your heart out. Pick up a cheap journal and freestyle whenever you feel like you want to explode.

To be contd in Part II.