All work and no play

Moon girl compiled a list of procrastination tools you may use ONLY if you are a robot-type of student or worker. According to my research, better work comes out of 50/50 type of work, because your brain is not wired to all work and no play (regardless of what your professor or boss or parents say).

1. Angry birds
Figuring out how to get around angry bird levels and kill as many pigs with as little birds as possible is rewarding to your mental health. Assets: productivity, competitiveness, alertness, focus.

2. Yahoo! Answers
Reading idiotic important questions from people around you can allow you to grasp all of world's little problems, not just global warming and 2012 crisis. Remember, everything starts out small. Assets: awareness, grasp on various grammatical styles, bonding.

3. Map out your take over the world
Watching Apple effortlessly penetrate into every aspect of your life and those 20 year old millionaires on YouTube can be frustrating. Figuring out your way to the top can be motivating to your current ordinary-person work. Upon completion, you will realize that what you are doing right now is just a temporary position and should not be a source of stress.
Assets: problem-solving, planning, strategizing.

4. April Fools
Any day can be April 1st and it can help mend your relationships, which may suffer from all of the work and no play that you are used to. Plus, you will likely get lots of attention from your sigificant other (bonus!), and the more creative you get, the less rusty your brain will be after you are done procrastinating. Assets: creativity, reconnection with love

5. Play the Medley Chef
You can never know how good of a cook you are until you make a medley of random ingridients and it does not make you want to vomit. Plus eating helps you work better by releasing nutrients into your work-dead brain. My recent favorite is sweet buttermilk pancakes with dill-spicy shrimp and melted cheese. As a bonus, getting up and moving around is also good for your physical looks, and others will thank you later when they discover food combinations they never knew of before. If they refuse to eat your medley, you say "don't judge the book by it's cover", or my personal favourite, "looks can be decieving." I prefer not to share my creations, however. Assets: cooking, cardiovascular training, creativity