A happy pill

Vitamin B-rich foods.

I take a ton of vitamins, and I mean a TON. Not that somebody of my age and health needs them, but it has become more of a psychological thing. However, there are a few vitamins that I really believe in and which improved my health drastically. Amongst them is the B complex vitamin (B1,B2, B3, B6, B12). Truthfully, you should probably take it if you are a woman.

Why? Because it's the magic happy pill.

1. It helps you to metabolize carbs and fats by converting them into energy
2. It helps reduce sugar cravings
3. It can minimize and even get rid of depression and PMS (mainly mood swings and irritability)
4. It prevents birth defects (if you are planning)
5. It helps headache and insomnia
6. It helps reduce anxiety and stress
7. It contributed to good skin, hair and nails (now you know my secret! lol)

Women now have many more responsibilities and are further and further susceptible to a poor diet and stress, which leads to bad sugar cravings and improper indigestion of food into energy. Plus, your boyfriend or boss will no longer ignorantly blame your PMS on your fits. Mega-win.