Anna Karenina Movie on What-is-Love?

My Mom said that some people go through life without knowing what love is. She said that if I want to know about love, I should watch Anna Karenina. And I looked sideways at her thinking...but I know what love is! I am in love! Of course, that wasn't what she was talking about or implying. I just decided to take it personally.
But it is a serious question that people ask every day. What IS love? That top-of the world feeling that they talk about. My mom says that everyone needs to experience love in it's most raw, real form, whether it lasts or dies, whether you suffer in consequence or bathe in happiness, whether it changes your life for the better or worse; you just need to experience it. And, of course, everyone experiences 'top-of-the-world' differently because each relationship takes on different dynamics. Thank God for that because I was thinking I was screwed for life after the bad ones ;)

And so I sat on my super comfy new couch and watched Anna Karenina -- completely enchanted. A true, classic, Russian Romeo and Juliet. In fact, the movie was my homework sort of -- me, a Russian-Canadian, watching a Russian classic to test just how Russian I am at heart. And let me assure you - or should I say, assure myself? - that I am as sensitive to Russian ways of thinking as ever. I understand why many say that Russian literature is amazing in its cold, depressive way, where suffering and love linger in every corner.Well, I added the 'amazing' part in there -- you really have to be Russian to understand the greatness behind a painful, cold love story...you can argue with me on that if you would like. I am always down for a good debate. I just hope that other nationalities are warmer at heart than us Russians :-)

Anyway, the Anna Karenina strory showcases all kinds of love: love for a husband, for a lover, for a child, for a parent...But the one type of love that lives throughout this story is the die-for-you unconditional love. This is the love Anna Karenina experiences from her husband Karenin. Karenin's love for Anna is eternal, yet grounded.

A lot of criticism focuses on Anna's steamy love affair with Vronsky, the terribly attractive younger guy. But I don't believe that this is the focus of the movie. I think that the focus of the movie is on the true love that comes from Anna's husband, Karenin. I think that you have to be in love to see that (eh Mom?! ;))

The Anna Karenina movie actually made me think about a different question: what boundaries does love have? Can you love someone so much that you are willing to accept and tolerate the most obvious form of infedelity? Can you love someone so much that you stick by them even though they have admitted to be in love with someone else? Would you say that this love is one-sided? I wouldn't. I think that Anna loves her husband, but she loves him differently - as her friend, as her old man. Is this kind of love fair? Probably not.

Anyway, those are my (scattered) thoughts on the movie. Feel free to comment.

With love,
moon girl