Which color do you want?

It's no secret that Apple has been continuously rumored to be working on releasing a cheaper, low-cost iPhone in the fall alongside a flagship iPhone 5S. What's interesting is not the fact that Apple is finally heading into the budget smartphone territory, as it's arguably inevitable to keep pace with Samsung in market share, it's that we will truly see a different move from Apple this time around.

According to numerous sources the low-cost iPhone will be going for $99 or $149 from retailers. Wanna hear the most intriguing part? It's said that the phone will be available in pink, green, blue, navy, gold-orange, yellow-orange, white, and possibly more variety of colors. How's that for a change from black and white?

The handset is purportedly going into testing in June, where production is aimed somewhere near September.

What do you think of an incoming tsunami of cheaper iPhones alongside the new 5S? Would it be fair to say Apple's 'premium' image will cease to exist?