Traveler's Note: Connecting in Europe?

Welcome to Traveler's Note, a quick impression & feedback editorial on different places around the world in a nutshell. Note: All the writing material in Traveler's Note is that of my personal experience and opinion, thus it does not necessarily reflect nor portray how this location may appear to you on your own travel time.

Millions of people connect through Europe on daily basis, whether because it's more budget friendly or to take in some fresh Euro air, or be it any other reason you may not tell us. If you're not a frequent flyer, chances are you may end up in the wrong place that can either ruin your experience, or make you search for a different connection next time around. Well, you don't have to do that. Connecting through Europe is one of the easiest, most efficient methods to achieving convenience in your long distance flights. 

My top recommendation is always AMS (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol). From the numerous flights I've connected on, whether domestic Europe or international bound, having a layover in AMS has always been a pleasant experience. Time is money, and that's one of the primary reasons I recommend AMS. While it is large in size, connecting to different terminals is relatively quick, and customs (passport control) move the lines along relatively fast, even when things pile up a bit. 

In terms of bars and lounges, AMS offers some very fancy options. Food and drinks selection is also offered with a good variety in mind. Yes, Starbucks is there, and more than one. 

AMS is a beautiful airport, with a modern design concept of all glass windows and clean, new environment inside terminals. If you're a shopping junkie, this isn't the best of places, however, there is reasonable stuff to be found. If shopping is one of your primary goals during layovers, highly consider LHR (London Heathrow Airport), but that's another story for another day, wink wink.