My mom said I should stick to what I like.

food is culture.


Elisabeth H. said...

omg you poor girls, eating alllll that food! there is so much!

theres this sushi place on dundas that jonny takes me to.. but i bet its not as good as the place u went to. i love the presentation, omg YUM!

we need to go out soon ladyy!

tell me how the movie was. i don't really like adam sandler movies either.. i find them too predictable and cheesy at the ending. haha

ps; that writing class seems super awesome!!!

Elisabeth H. said...

oh, also... i was going through old pictures and documents on my computer and i found the funniest shit! i'll post it on my next blog ;)

Elisabeth H. said...

i made a post just for you dammit, GO SEE!

gogogogogogoooo anna go!


ALPHABET said...

This blog is great, no need to apologize, keep it up!

Btw, a good film is 'Slumdog Millionaire'

J said...

I thought you were a vegetarian? Unless you've gone back to eating meat again, that is.

And...are you transferring to Harvard? I was reading your blog or Twitter or something and you said you were changing schools, then there were the photos of Harvard from your Boston trip. If you are, congrats!

peacesign.indexdown said...

Yes, I am a vegetarian but I do eat fish very rarely. I can't stomach any other meat though. Same with milk - I prefer soy.

And no, I am not transferring to Harvard. Although, that is an amazing school, I could only really get accepted there in my dreams haha. Plus, it's extremely expensive. And after thinking a few things over, I may stay at my university and just do a semester or a full year abroad. I am still in the process of figuring things out, so I will blog about my final decision : )

and thanks Alphabet : )