Traveler's Note: Amsterdam

Welcome to Traveler's Note, a quick impression & feedback editorial on different cities around the world in a nutshell. Note: All the writing material in Traveler's Note is that of my personal experience and opinion, thus it does not necessarily reflect nor portray how this location may appear to you on your own travel time.

Amsterdam. The city of freedom and relaxing your otherwise tense, restrictive lifestyle. This is the vibe I got from the never endless dams dominating the scenery, chill people, take it easy attitude, coffee shops where coffee is the last thing on people's minds (the first would be weed of course), fresh as well as windy air that geographically reminds you exactly where you are, strong presence of multiculturalism, and yes I gotta say overall a true feeling of a Liberal-minded atmosphere.
What's the most important thing you gotta know heading into the City Of Freedom (as I like to call it at least)? Well, as a tourist you'll be glad to know that everyone speaks great English. From what I've seen and heard, it is incredible just how good people's English is there knowing that Dutch is their native tongue. I mention this because you will NOT find such a large amount of fluent English in much of the rest of Europe (except UK, duh).

Now take a look at the menu sample below. It's from a Coffee Shop.
You'll find many, and I mean many Coffee Shops in Amsterdam. Yes, you've got it right it is perfectly legal to smoke marijuana when you're there.

Have you got a sense of just how free and laid back Amsterdam really feels like compared to just about anywhere else? No? Then hop on a plane on your next Euro trip and make sure you give Amsterdam some quality time.

As far as the expenses go, well, it is pretty much the same as any other European country that uses the Euro currency as far as food and restaurants, meaning reasonable. If you plan on living in Amsterdam however, the apartments there get very pricey. Oh and be prepared to see at least a million Heineken advertisements. Dutch beer is Dutch beer.

Also, I hope you're down to see some half naked women while you're there, 'cause boy you'll be getting it in the Red Light District (you may get more than just that) in a big way.
Guys and gals, animals and aliens, this was just a tiny glimpse at Amsterdam which is the purpose for Traveler's Note. There is of course much more to share, but there's no way I'm spoiling it all for ya. So to quickly wrap it up, I'd say it's your 10/10 place if you're looking for some completely new experiences. If you're very conservative, you might find it a little "too wild".


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