How to get the job you want

7 billion people in the world and you. Those people in your undergraduate class are all going into the same field. There is always someone way smarter and better than you at something or at everything. There is now global competition from students all around the world, trained in better facilities or with more experience than you will ever have. So how do you find your place and how do you stand out?

Let's say it harshly: if you don't keep up with the changing dynamics of the labour force, you will not get the job that you want. EVER.

The following tips aren't a world-problem-solving guide. They are simple and do-able. However, you already need to feel successful and confident in yourself, because that, like everything else here, is in your hands only.

Get to know yourself: You have a character that comes with quirks and assets. Maybe you like to build LEGO or you read books by only one author, or maybe you are always late everywhere. Take a notebook and brainstorm why you are DIFFERENT from your neighbour, your friends, your classmates, your employers, etc. This is a great moment of narcissism. Think of all of the things you don't do right, as they are probably much more interesting than all those things that you think you are perfect at.

Recognizing your faults is healthy and the best thing you can do for yourself. If you really can't think of anything, ask the people close to you. Then, turn those faults into positives. Employers want to see that you are a human. Yes, just like those "prove that you are a human" text boses with some weird combination of wavy/unreadable letters that you are forced to transcribe online.

Example 1: You suck

Employer: "So tell me about your weaknesses."
You: "I am an overachiever, and that usually hurts me as I try to take on too many projects but it's cool because I have great multi-tasking skills."
Employer: "Next."

1. Being an overachiever isn't a weakness. 2. You sound like a robot. 3.You are lying.

Example 2: You stand out

Employer: "So tell me about your weaknesses."
You: "Everytime I am about to do something, I can't resist the urge to draw, it's my form of procrastination. But although I waste a lot of time, I relax while at it and then I feel my brain getting sharper closer to the deadline."
Employer: "That's interesting, what do you like to draw?"

1. The conversation just switched to casual. 2. They wanna know more about you.

Choose your niche: Information Technology is a huge field. Find a specific job/title that you are sure you are the best in doing. Or become the best at it, because you want it THAT much. Train yourself in any extra skills/knowledge required, because it is okay to not know everything. Then pretend that you are an apple on the grocery shelf beaming "look at me, I look and taste the best."

Think like a boss: This is the part that I can't coach you in, you either break your walls or you don't. You absolutely have to feel SUCCESSFUL. This is your "I AM THE BEST" moment. Just believe it. I can't stress enough how important this is.

Forget what school taught you: So you were getting all A's on your academic essays, but nobody gives a sh*t. Whatever wordy, theory-crazy, over-the-top things you learned in college won't suffice. Simple, to the point, don't waste my time. The more conscise the better. The world doesn't have the time or the money for inefficiency.

Apply all of those opportunities you had in college, like all those inspirational, real-life tips your professor taught you.

Practice your 30-second elevator speech: This goes in hand with the previous point. You have 30 seconds to tell that big guy why he should hire you, even if you don't qualify for the job. Brand yourself, sell your soul, make him feel that his business cannot surive without you.

Questions to think about: How will you make the company the next hot thing? Why is the company perfect for YOU (because you tell them that you only applied to this one)?

Throw out your cookie-cutter resume: Employers don't care that you worked at every single grocery store, restaurant and coffee shop for those top notch customer service skills. They are also tired of hearing that every single applicant is "hard-working with great initiative, multi-tasking abilities and has excellent communication skills." Boring, boring, boring.

Also, get rid of the objective part. It's outdated. Your resume should include your TOP achievements, MOST RELEVANT qualifications, education, and only the workplaces or volunteer positions that relate to the job you are applying to.

Make it up or beautify your achievements.Nobody is gonna know.

Give back to the community: The best and easiest was to get the job you want is by doing free labour for them or for your niche field. If they can't afford to give you up, they will hire you after.

Get on your employer's nerves: Ok, not really. But, do send them an email asking if they are recruiting. If not then, ask if they are looking for interns and who you can speak to if they are not able to answer these questions. They will know your name before you even apply and when they go through that pile, it will happen like this:

"Oh I know this guy, he is the one that emailed me three times...I think he really wants the job, lets call him for an interview."

Become more insistent: This part is simple. You walk in and slogan in any possible way that you can: I WANT THIS JOB and there is no other way around it.

Good luck!