What every woman needs to have in her diet

Technically, I am pro-vitamin. So, I will start off by saying that you should really be taking more than what is listed below in one form or another (like Vitamin D and B complex). Contact your doctor for that because I don't want to be responsible for overdoses.

BUT, below are a few foods that are beneficial for us the unfortunate.

Seaweed : It's main ingredient is Wakame which has tons of iron and calcium. Both are essential for women. Just imagine these plants growing in the oceans absorbing all of those nutrients and fish poop.

Seaweeds are known as the most nutritionally dense plants with 8-10x more calcium than milk and beef. Bonus: Seaweeds helps reduce cellulite and boost weight loss as natural iodine works on the thyroid gland and breaks down food fuel before it turns into fat.

Buckwheat: Although most carbs like rice and bread remind me of food shortage, such carbs are the highest in magnesium. Most women don't get enough of magnesium. Probably because we are too busy caring about our diets to eat carbs. Who eats buckwheat anyway? Oh, I know one person, my grandma! Love you grandma.

In all seriousness, *serious face*, magnesium protects against heart disease, anxiety, migraines, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Women's multivitamins do not provide enough magnesium as you need about 320mg.

Caviar: Who would have known that the Russians got something right? Hey! I'm Russian so I am allowed to make that joke.

Caviar is super high in vitamin B12 which every woman absolutely needs. B12 helps with PMS (haha your boyfran can't use that excuse anymore!) and general mood swings, anemia, fatigue and depression. Yes, it will wake you the hell up. If you are taking B in its pill form, then take it before noon.

Cranberries: UTI, nuff' said.
Yogurt: Prevents a certain type of infection. You know what I mean. Make sure the label says "live and active cultures" and the yogurt is PLAIN for it to work for that purpose.