Hunger-fighting late night snacks that won't break your diet

We have all experienced it once too many times. The hunger monster knocks on the walls of our stomachs late in the evening/night and then we ravage the fridge like deprived honey badgers. Or go to bed feeling horrible. At times like these, I feel like I could totally eat a cow.

Eating 'a cow' late at night would not be good as 'the cow' would take about eight hours to digest (inproperly during sleep) and would not convert into any good energy.

Below, are some foods which I found to work in late night hunger-fighting. Some of these options aren't the healthiest. You may want to avoid them if you watch your sodium or sugar intake.

Let's roll! But before we do, make sure that it isn't dehydration that is making you dream of food at odd hours.

Apples: sweet and nutritious, they fight the monster through substantial water content and negative calories. Yup, you heard right. Apples are one of the many foods that are considered to be a part of a "zero calorie diet." Simply because they are filled with enzymes that break down their caloric nutrients. ie: your body does more work digesting apples than storing their calories. Apples may actually help you LOSE weight.

Calories: 40-110; depend on size

Tomatoes: another negative calorie fruit (vegetable). They pair well with some sea salt and pepper for an extra kick.

Calories: approx. 20 per tomato

Pickles: these savoury and salty treats fill you up like no other. Plus they only have one carb and no fat. If you are concerned over vinegar or added sugar, eat a cucumber.

Calories: 0-5 per pickle; depend on brand

Sauerkraut: may be found a bit nasty to some and very tasty to others. The point of selling is that you can't eat a lot of sauerkraut due to its sour pickled taste, so you end up feeling fuller on less. But the reason why sauerkraut fills you up is because it has 4g of fiber and even 1g of protein per cup. Plus, it's bomb in Vitamin C if you are feeling under the weather.

Calories: 30 per cup

Popcorn: no butter and plain in every other way. Low in fat and full of fibre and protein. Win.

Calories: depend on brand