Success - WTF?

What is success? What does it mean to be successful?
I watched and listened to many good speakers at the Young Entrepreneur Challenge today but none of them really defined success. Let's put that in the theory pile.

The word success is both overrated and overpriced. It is used in so many various contexts that I really don't even know what it means anymore. Success is overrated.

Originally, someone somewhere decided that success meant achievement and usually in monetary value. Large monetary value, COO type of stuff. Success is overpriced.

Anyway, if we are to think of success in those terms, we are falling behind. It's like the Mayans predicting that the the world will end. Well, of course it will end because the sun is a star and stars eventually become supernovas and black holes (Earth Science 101). But if you believe in the Mayan calendar hype, you might as well believe in witches.

We rule out things based on various factors like innovation and necessity. The calendar was probably a step forward and a necessity at the same time: the Mayans needed a timeline. Success should not equal monetary achievement and should not be measured in a timeline, rather in milestones with their own time restrictions. Success is what you are without a finish line and the steps you take towards bettering yourself and putting value into yourself.

Success is doing something with your life. No, not traveling to Africa. Success is recognizing your faults, failures, confidence, strength, hobbies, true passions and ETC.