What men and women want

I don't want to break your heart but there is no recipe for a good relationship, just like there isn't a recipe for the perfect pie. Everybody probably has their own idea for that one. My grandma especially likes organic apple pie.

But don't lose all faith. Despite all the women running around blabbing about their boyfriend's money situation and all the men running around complaining about their girlfriends' recent weight gain, there are many many happy couples. Wait. Rewind. If you are one of those two examples you should start a charity because you are SHALLOW.

So who am I to talk on this topic? Let's just say that I am an expert with a phD in love-ology and leave it at that. I had my fair share with some very very bad relationships but as you may know through work and school, relationships require as much learning and as many compromises. Once I did my learning, the road was as smooth as a baby's ass.

So, my findings are simple. Approaches to a relationship vary between genders. Both men and women want love equally because that is a basic human need. However, partners often don't understand that they differ in their needs FROM the relationship.

These creatures want trust. However, you either trust him or you don't. You can't trust every man you meet but the one you can trust, doesn't feel like much work. Trust me. No pun intended.
In addition, you should trust that work to him is a lot of the times super duper important, because without his job he doesn't feel like a man. So stop the whining and get a hobby.

These creatures want attention. A compliment a day keeps the drama away and don't you dare blame it on PMS. Men make the common mistake of thinking a nice paycheck or a vacation at the end of the month shows everything they worked for. What they don't understand it that flowers (how cliche) are worth as much as that "honey, we are going on vacation!" moment to the woman.

Anyway, these things should be given and received from both sides. It takes two to make babies.

Other good points: Watch less TV, focus on putting value into yourself and don't forget LOVE at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

men = creatures

women = creatures