A must-have on your 'classics' shelf

You want to see something good? You want to see something really, really damn good?

Even after years have gone by, some movies deserve to be in your collection forever, whether on your shelf or in your iPad, PC, cloud storage, e-reader, or wherever it is you keep your hidden stash in. If that sounded wrong, don't worry, you've just won extra points for having a wide imagination.

To the point, if you haven't seen "21" then you are missing something tasty in your life. Really, it is a great, great movie and it will get you watching it again and again in the future. Also, it features one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to: Boston (ohhh nostalgia...).


Anonymous said...

And Jim sturges is hot

alex said...

I guess that's another great reason to watch it!